About the latest Corona regulation...

Since 24.11.21, a new Corona Ordinance has been in force in Lower Saxony! The warning level system remains in place, but some of the limit values have been lowered and stricter regulations apply in the various warning levels.

We implement the warning level system as follows:

No warning level, but local 7-day incidence above 35:
3 G rule comes into force. I.e. access to our facility only with a vaccination, convalescent or test certificate. If you arrive with a test certificate, a new test certificate must be presented at reception every 3 days. We apply the 2 G rule in the catering area.

Warning level 1:
2 G rule comes into effect. This means that access to our facility and to the restaurant is only possible with a complete vaccination certificate or proof of recovery.

Warning level 2:
2 G Plus rule comes into force. This means that access to our facility and the catering trade is only permitted with a complete vaccination certificate or proof of convalescence plus a negative rapid test.

In addition, a minimum of an FFP2 mask, KN95 must be worn in closed rooms instead of a medical mask.

Warning level 3:
The district "Heidekreis" publishes corresponding measures, which have not yet been formulated exactly.

The above rules apply equally to all guests! In the latest regulation, no distinction is made between holiday or business travellers and annual or seasonal guests.

A photo ID (identity card/passport) is mandatory for checking the proof presented! Admission or entry will be refused without presentation of a photo ID!

Children and youths up to and including 17 years of age are exempt from any proof requirements at any warning level.

The current regulation is to be valid until 22.12.2021. We always inform all guests with a booking by e-mail, provided that their arrival falls within the validity period. If your arrival is planned after 22.12.2021, we would like to point out that the above-mentioned regulations will most likely change again.

Whether a new regulation will be more lenient or more stringent from 23.12.2021 will certainly depend to a large extent on the efficiency of this new regulation.

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