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Nature Reserve Lueneburgh Heath

Only a couple of kilometres away, the “Wilseder Berg” forms with 169 metres the highest elevation in the middle of the nature reserve-Lueneburgh Heath. From its top you have a unique view over the area of the heath, and during long hiking tours, cycle tours, or coach rides through the wonderful landscapes you can relax and enjoy nature. If you are lucky you might even see a shepherd with one of the eight flocks of sheep (Heidschnucken).

The heath-ranger Mr. Jan Brockmann, a biologist, offers plenty of possibilities to get to know and discover the Lueneburgh Heath in his own way. For example there are regular slide lectures on big screens or you can earn a “Heath-Diploma”.

Heideblütenfest (Heath-Blossom Festival) in Schneverdingen (end of August)

The "Anteater"
You can go for a ride through the nature reserve on a 60 years old railcar. From July till September it departs every Sunday at 10 am and 3 pm from the railway station in Soltau.


1000 km of bike trails

For short or long-distance cycling tours you can find 1000 km of signposted bike trails in our area. Bikes can be rented directly from our reception desk.