Opening of the Salt Museum in Soltau

On May 30th and May 31st, 2015 the Salt Museum in Bahnhofstrasse 17 in Soltau opens its doors for the first time. Starting at 2pm, guided tours will be offered and you are very welcome to take part!

In the new museum you will be provided with interesting information about the historical use of Soltau brine and the Soltau salt dome. You will learn about the secrets of the „Soltau Gradierbrand“ (a local spirit similar to a brandy)… Furthermore, freshly made butter cake and bred from a stone baking oven will be served. You can enjoy cold cuts, sausages and ham from the Bentheim Black Pied (rare breed of a domestic pig in Germany), Soltau saline sausage, Soltau saline salt, „Soltau Gradierbrand“ as well as freshly smoked trout and warm and cold drinks.

Entrance is free of charge!

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