Latest developments

Dear guests, hereby we would like to inform you about the latest developments:

The state government of Lower Saxony (like all other federal states) has now enacted that campsites must completely shut down their touristic operations until April 18, 2020.

Unfortunately, this also includes seasonal and annual guests!

That also means that all other guests who are currently present have to depart and go home until March 19, 2020 at the latest. Our sanitary facilities will be closed from March 19, 2020.

Guests with a reservation until April 18, 2020 will be contacted by us!

It is not necessary for you to contact us!!!

Guests with a booking at a later time can keep their reservation without any concerns! Our generous cancellation policy allows you to wait for the latest developments and react accordingly at short notice!

Due to the rapidly increasing number of infections and the unstoppable spread of the virus, we stand behind the decisions of the federal state.

For tourism, as for many other industries, it will be very difficult times due to the many cancellations!

Stay all healthy during this difficult time!!!

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