Information on the latest Corona regulation...

The new Lower Saxony Corona Ordinance applies from 8. of March 2021 and regulates the regulations until 28. of March 2021.

The updated ordinance does not result in any changes for the operation of our facility. This means that until 28. of March, annual and seasonal guests will still be allowed to use their rented plots and guests for tourist purposes will not be allowed to arrive until 28. of March.

We will contact all guests who have a holiday booking with an arrival date before 29. of March as soon as possible and discuss the further procedure!

Reservations with an arrival date after 29. of March are still valid. Whether and under which conditions it will be possible to travel depends on the development of the infection figures within the next few weeks and will be decided by the Conference of Ministers on 22. of March.

We very much hope that the infection figures will decrease in the next few weeks or at least remain stable so that we can all soon experience a little more normality again.

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