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The new Lower Saxony Corona Ordinance applies from 19. April 2021 until 09. May 2021.

Unfortunately, no positive changes...

The federal and state decision of 22.03.2021 has revealed that travel for tourism purposes is unfortunately still not allowed!

In view of rising Corona infection figures, the federal and state governments are sending the whole of Germany into a tightened lockdown...

The new Lower Saxony Corona Ordinance applies from 8. March 2021 and regulates the regulations until 28. March 2021.

The updated ordinance does not result in any changes for the operation of our facility. This means that until 28 March, annual and seasonal guests will still be allowed to use their rented plots and guests for tourist purposes will not be allowed to arrive until 28 March...

With a new design and a few changes in the structure of the website, we have refreshed our internet presence!

For example, we have updated the online booking section for the camping area, replaced some photos and added 360°...

Already almost becoming a tradition, we are very happy to be able to hold this year's Heide camping meeting together with the MG Car Club Germany despite this year's circumstances!

From 11.09. - 13.09.20 more than 20 vehicles of mainly British origin will meet...

You know, our facility is currently closed until May 6th, 2020. Nobody knows what comes next ... BUT!

You can reserve your comfort pitch or rental accommodation with us for the period after May 6th, 20, without any risk! Should the government decide to extend the measures, we will contact all guests with a reservation and cancel it free of charge...

On Friday evening we were able to see the decree of the Lower Saxony state government and unfortunately there seems to be a patchwork of quite different decrees by the federal states!

The following regulations were made in Lower Saxony…

According to the public statements of our federal government, we will unfortunately have to close our facility by May 3, 2020.

The reception can be reached daily from 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. by phone and also by email!

We are currently waiting for a binding decree from the state of Lower Saxony or our district! As soon as this is available, …

Since we are currently not allowed to receive and look after any guests, we have decided not to staff the reception on the coming Easter holidays. That is, no calls or emails can be answered on public holidays.

Despite the adverse circumstances, we wish you a nice and healthy Easter!

Dear guests, hereby we would like to inform you about the latest developments:

The state government of Lower Saxony (like all other federal states) has now enacted that campsites must completely shut down their touristic operations until April 18, 2020.

Unfortunately, this also includes seasonal and annual guests!

That also means that all other guests who are currently present have to depart and go home until March 19, 2020 at the latest. Our sanitary facilities will be closed from March 19, 2020.

Guests with a reservation until April 18, 2020 will be contacted by us!

It is not necessary for you to contact us!!!

Guests with a booking at a later time can keep their reservation without any concerns! Our generous cancellation policy allows you to wait for the latest developments and react accordingly at short notice!

Due to the rapidly increasing number of infections and the unstoppable spread of the virus, we stand behind the decisions of the federal state.

For tourism, as for many other industries, it will be very difficult times due to the many cancellations!

Stay all healthy during this difficult time!!!