Barbecue evenings from 18:00
We always serve all food fresh from the grill!

From 04.06.22 - 01.07.22: Every Saturday
From 02.07.22 - 02.09.22: Every Friday with live music

We take your order and only then will your food be freshly grilled.

Always on the menu:
Grilled sausage, neck steak, French fries, grill plate, jacket potato, homemade potato or pasta salad and garlic bread.

Varies from barbecue to barbecue:
Salmon steak (fish), scampi skewer, meat loaf, chicken breast fillet, vegetables.

Additional barbecue evenings:
Friday, 15.04.2022: Traditional barbecue on Good Friday

Thursday, 26.05.2022: Father's Day barbecue already from 11:00 a.m.

Saturday, 15.10.2022: Year-end barbecue

On the barbecue evenings only dishes from the barbecue menu!