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Barbecue Evennings from 6 pm

Barbecue Evenings begin at 6 pm between the 18 of May, 2012 and the 7 of September, 2012 every Friday.

In July and August every Tuesday and Friday.

All the food we offer is served fresh from the barbecue!

We receive your order and start subsequently preparing your fresh food on the barbecue.

Standard meals:
Sausage in curry sauce, ham sausage, Thuringian bratwurst, Boston Butt Roast, rump steak, French Fries, salad buffet and garlic bread.

Meals that vary from evening to evening:
Spare ribs, salmon steak, scallop-skewer, venison steak, pork fillet, marinated pork tenderloin, scampi-skewer, Leberkäse (type of meat loaf typical for parts of Germany, Switzerland and Austria), chicken breast filet, prawn skewer, turkey steak, homemade noodle or potato salad.

Click on our Live-Acts link to see when it is even more worthwhile to come to our barbecue evenings.

Additional barbecue evenings:
Friday, 6 of April, 2012: Traditional Barbecue on Good Friday
Thursday, 17 of May, 2012: Father’s Day Barbecue from 10 am on
Friday, 19 of October, 2012: End of the season barbecue with live music

On these barbecue evenings we only serve food from the menu!